fascism in Greece: highlights 2013

We would like to share with you, the most significant incidents of racist violence in Greece the last year. A list with the most brutal events for each month of the past year.

irakiJanuary 2013: Shehzad Luqman was murdered in Athens by two neonazis, members of Golden dawn late in the morning of January 17th while he was going to work.


February 2013: Two “alleged” members of the nihilist organization “conspiracy of the cells of fire” and others tortured after getting arrested at the small northern city of Kozani. Police has tried to change the pictures of the tortured young men with photoshop

imagesMarch 2013: On Friday 29 March 2013 It is taking place large-scale police operation against the local Roma community in Trapezonti (few klm out of Sparta)  with dozens of arrests. Few days later, on Sunday March 31 2013 at the same village (Trapezonti), known-unknowns “indignant Greeks’ residents organized a racist gathering and march with the blessings of local neo-Nazi Golden Dawn group, the local council and the Greek police. At the rally held, several speaks  in a delirium of hate and based on the cocept (Nazi inspirated) of collective responsibility, they accused the local Roma communities of the region, for almost every kind of crime. According to the speakers Roma people are responsible for thefts, crimes, called them  robbers, drug dealers etc.

manolada1-thumb-largeApril 2013:  At least 34 Bangladeshi workers ended up in the hospital after they were shot by land caretakers in the strawberry fields in Nea Manolada, Ilia. Dozens of angry foreign workers who were unpaid for at least six months had gathered demanding to be paid for their work. Instead they were shot by the business’s caretakers. more information here

boyMay 2013: An attack took place on May 6, 2013 in the centre of Athens. The victim is a 14-year-old boy from Afghanistan. The boy reported he was attacked by a group of men dressed in black outside the metro station of Attiki square. The group asked for the papers of the boy. As the Afghan teen declared he had no any, he was kicked and fell on the ground. The attackers reportedly smashed a bottle of beer and injured him on the forehead.

arvJune 2013: A hate speech by Golden Dawn MP Michalis Arvanits, who not only questioned the Holocaust but also gave his own interpretation by saying that Nazis simply burned all the bodies of prisoners who had died in the concentration camps from typhoid fever. The neonazi MP have also  attacked with unprecedented phrases  to other political parties such as ND, PASOK and SYRIZA which he described as “political crap”, and called the communists “waste and cancer of the Hellenic race”.

doctor_390_2801July 2013: Anti-racist groups and Pakistani community in Greece have reported brutal tortures on immigrants with electricity flows on genitals, sexual demands, punches and kicks to vitals parts of the body at the airport of Eleftherios Venizelos. The incidents revealed after a visit of a delegation of the antiracist group KEERFA at the detention center of Heliniko in Athens. More specifically, Daoud Ahmed, one of the prisoners had complained of eye injury by a police officer at detention camp of Amygdaleza. When had asked to go to hospital for a check,  complained that he was beaten with fists to the jaw, and have used nine times on his body an electric torture device as well as  kicked him in the stomach. Vasi Heider, an other victim have also reported tortures on his genitals with electricity torture device and that racist insults sided with sexual demands by a police officer for oral sex.

135498-amygdAugust 2013: After an announcement making clear that the immigrants imprisoned at Amygdaleza camp will have to wait for 6 more months (the initial plan was imprisonment for 12 months), an uprising followed.

pavlos_fyssas_508_355September 2013: Pavlos Fyssas stabbed in the chest outside a café at 60 Panayi Tsaldari Avenue in Amfiali shortly after midnight of September 18th by a group of Golden dawn members. He was taken to Tzanio hospital, where he died shortly afterwards. Before he died, he managed to identify the perpetrator and his accomplices, according to reports.  The name of perpetrator is Giorgos Roupakias 45 years old and he is already imprisoned.

kasidiarisOctober 2013: Nazi leaders Ilias Kasidiaris and Ilias Panagiotaros have been released pending trial, one of them posting a 50,000 euro bail. Both of nazi leaders are accused on charges such as leading a criminal organization.

143304-262November 2013: At least 12 migrants, including four children, were found dead and 15 managed to get out unharmed on the beach when the boat they were riding capsized in the maritime area Paliaris opposite of Lefkada. According to preliminary information, migrants alerted the police via cell phone that they are in danger.

police_390_3103December 2013: Amnesty International issued a statement demanding the prompt investigation of Hot Doc’s report in which Nikos Papagiannopoulos, Head of Greek Police, appears to be ordering the extension of immigrants’ detention, while declaring that “we must make their lives unbearable”. Amnesty International asks from the government to check the statements that became known recently and to comply with the laws relating to the protection of migrants and refugees coming to the European Union.


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