new fascist attack in Zografou Athens


Neonazis of the group “autonomous nationalists” or (independent nationalists) attacked/attempt to vandalize the office of “solidarity network of zografou” (Zografou is a busy district of Athens). They have sprayed a Celtic cross and the a threatening message “we are coming”. Solidarity network of zografou is a very active group in the suburb, also known for its antifascist actions. Many of its members also take part in the antifascist coordination/front of the area which organized a variety of activities the previous months. Therefore the neonazis have chosen this place as their target. The autonomous nationalists (independent nationalists) is a group which its leader Antonis Panoutsopoulos (nickname Periandros) stayed in prison for 4 years accused for an attempted murder of the student and active member of a extra-parliamentary left group Dimitris Kousouris.

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