SDOE investigation reveals existence of Golden Dawn off shores

Despite claiming to be unemployed, detained MP Lagos had 150,000 euros stashed in a Cypriot bank account

The Financial and Economic Crime Unit (SDOE), which is assisting in the ongoing investigation of Golden Dawn that was prompted after the murder of Pavlos Fyssas in September, has announced the discovery of two off shores, which appear to belong to a Golden Dawn executive.

The two off shores appear to belong to a former banker who participates in the management of the ultra-nationalist party’s fund, along with a relative. These off shores were founded in 2004, prior to the banker’s entanglement with Golden Dawn. SDOE is currently investigating the banker’s transactions in recent years, along with the accounts of 35 Golden Dawn members.

In the meantime, SDOE revealed that detained MP Yannis Lagos has a bank account in Cyprus with about 150,000 euros, despite claiming to be unemployed. In his recent tax returns Lagos declared that he only had a 50m3 apartment and 7 euros in his bank account. The MP now claims that the money came from an inheritance he received in 2005.

Furthermore, the police will soon make an announcement regarding the investigation of computers belonging to the recently detained Golden Dawn MPs Germenis, Iliopoulos and Boukouras, who are accused of having a prominent role in the recruitment and training of Golden Dawn’s assault groups. Additionally, the police are expected to make announcements regarding the investigation of Evangelos Pallis’ “war museum”.

Reposted from To Vima’s English website


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