Courts reject Romanos’ application for educational leave


The courts have rejected the application filed by Nikos Romanos for an educational leave, upholding the prosecutor’s proposal on the matter.

Convicted anarchist Nikos Romanos had requested an educational leave after successfully passing entry exams for a technical university course earlier in the year. Following the initial rejection of his application, Romanos went on a hunger strike.

Romanos is currently on his 23rd day, with doctors expressing serious concerns over his health. Demonstrations of solidarity to Nikos Romanos have been arranged for today and the next few days.

On Tuesday, a solidarity march in down town Athens that attracted about 6,000 to 7,000 ended in clashes with the riot Police in Exarchia. Protesters tipped over two cars and set fire to a public bus. About 15 people were detained.

Legislative amendment pending

Following the rejection of Romanos’  application, the government VP Evangelos Venizelos will help compose an amendment, in cooperation with the Ministries of Justice and Education, in order to offer unsuccessful applicants the option of “distance learning”.

Romanos issues written statement

In response to the rejection of his application, Romanos has issued a written statement, which his attorneys passed on to To Vima. In his statement Romanos argues that the rejection was the start of “the State’s strategy for my annihilation” and disputes the Minister of Justice’s claim that he has no authority on the matter.

Romanos alleges that the Ministry of Justice actively intervened to influence the outcome of the prison council’s verdict. He also argues that distance learning is not suitable for courses requiring laboratory space and fears that the proposal for distance learning will be extended to all prisoners, effectively abolishing educational leaves all together.

The hunger striker notes that the Minister of Justice will be remembered in history “as a gang of murderers” and “instigators of the torture and assassination of a political prisoner”, thanked those supporting him in his struggle and called for people to take to the streets on the 6th of December, the anniversary of the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos.

source: to vima


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