Video archive: Athens 06/12/14 Strong Demo for Alexis & Nikos. Heavy clashes Exarcheia

A large demonstration and heavy riots rocked Athens on 6th December 2014. The manifestation commemorated the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos by police in 2008. Alexis was shot in the anarchist neighbourhood of Exarcheia. His friend, Nikos Romanos who was with him at the time of his death, was arrested a year later for a bank robbery. Nikos started a hunger strike in prison demanding the right to education. As Nikos was dying in hospital, a wave of protests and occupations rocked Greece.

This video shows the powerful demonstration in Athens on 06/12/14 that ended with heavy clashes in Exarcheia neighbourhood.

On December 10th, Nikos Romanos ended his hunger strike following the voting into parliament of a law that would allow him, and any other incarcerated student who completes six months of distant learning, to physically attend their higher education classes with an electronic tag – the first time such a system would be introduced in the country


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