This blog is part of an independent project by a handful of media activists and journalists, reporting the Greek crisis and beyond.  In case you would like to contact us,send us your news from Greece use the following form.


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  1. Hi. I’m in Athens for a month or so and am interested in meeting people here to talk about antifascist organising (as you’ve seen from my blog). If anyone has the time to meet with me I would appreciate it.

    • dear skycroeser

      Do you have an email or facebook?? I can provide you some contacts from Athens or meet you personally, probably next week. in case you have facebook just write a short private message at dawnofthegreeks page.. best regards dotg

  2. I deeply regret my ignorance of the depth of the crisis in your country.
    Had thought it was only a monetary problem…….
    Thank you for this incredible information source.
    Please stay safe and keep writing/posting for those on the outside who wish to help you.

  3. to whom it may concern:
    a colleague and I are currently writing a piece entitled: “The Art of Austerity”. We believe it is important to give people all over the world a personalized look into the life of a Greek. we follow a group of 20-something art students living and trying to survive and exist in Athens. if you have any interest in this, we could really use some support. please send me an email at your leisure. I’d love to send up a proposal or some excerpts.

  4. Hey.
    I’m going to visit Crete next week. Is there a chance to meet someone for talking?
    It would be great if I could write you an E-Mail with more details. I do not have facebook or my own blog, but if I write my Mail adress in the box below, you can write me and I can reply?
    Best Greetings from Hamburg

  5. Hi,,
    Thanks for this excellent blog. Sofiane and I have found your material very helpful when writing our articles from Samos where we are based. Most are posted at Jones . Our latest piece on Algerian refugees in central Athens can be found at /5335169.Please feel free to use any of our material.

    Warm greetings from Samos!

    Chris Jones and Sofiane Ait Chalalet

    • Dear Chris and Sofiane

      I read your Samos diary and I follow your blog.. It is very impressive. May I ask you for your email contact? I would like to send you in private .. thnx

  6. Hi

    Just read your article regarding Golden Dawn political party.

    I am Greek being born and living outside Greece all my life.

    To clarify regarding golden dawn- how exactly do you perceive them as “fascists”? I always knew fascism was the merger of state and corporate powers in reality what the current govt is by deed. I would characterise golden dawn as possibly nationalists and certainly as xeno phobic but really can’t see fascist traits.

  7. Hi everyone,

    My name is Anna. I’m from Zurich, Switzerland, and I’m working for a small production company. We are going to shoot a documentary about the Europe crisis in autumn and we are still looking for some interested participants.”Europe, she loves” is a film about Europe: We shoot an intimate portrait of couples in five citys on the edge of Europe (Tallinn, Sevilla, Thessaloniki, Zagreb and Dublin). It’s a political movie, but without anyone talking about politics – it’s all about love! Or let’s say the politics of love in a relationship. We want to go from the big (Europe) to the small (couple), from the public (Europe) to the privat (couple).
    It’s basically a movie about a generation between twenty and thirty struggling to find their place in society.
    Since Greece is most affected by the crisis, we do hope to find a really good couple in Thessaloniki. The political situation in Greece is very tense. It’s a country where a lot of people go to the streets and fight for their rights. That’s why we want to emphasize politics in Greece. Especially with the polarization between the left and the right, we think politics are very central for almost all citizens of Greece.

    In every city we are looking for a couple between 20-30 years old, that is affected by the crisis. In Zagreb the shooting is already done. In Sevilla and Dublin we already have a couple, in Tallinn and Thessaloniki we are still looking for a couple.
    The couples get paid, 500Euros per person.

    So in Thessaloniki, we are looking for a crazy couple that is political active, is fighting on the streets and is taking part on demonstrations. Maybe someone from the left-radical scene? Some underground movements?

    So what do you think? Could you help us with some contacts?
    Maybe you know a couple that would fit? Or someone that could know a couple? Or just someone that could help us from the left-radical scene?

    Jan Gassman, the director, which have been very succesfull lately, will come to Thessaloniki on the 27th of July for research.
    He wants to meet as much people as possible. The actual shoot will be at the end of October.

    We are very thankful for every hint!
    Thank you very much,
    I’m looking forward to an answer,


  8. Hello,
    Nice to meet you. You may be familiar with Bill Still ( He is in the process of making a documentary of the financial crisis in Greece along with ideas for monetary reform/solutions for the crisis. If you haven’t heard of Mr. Still you may find it beneficial to visit his website.
    Thank you,

  9. Greetings from Halkidiki,

    I am writing to you because you have subscribed to receive e-mail updates from Hellenic Mining Watch, to inform you that our address has changed.
    If you still wish to receive updates from us, on the struggle against gold mining in Greece, please visit our new site and subscribe again.

    Thank you!

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